Action Insights 2.0: A Re-Introduction

Jun 1, 2015

You may be asking yourself how you got to this page exactly. If you’re like me when looking for captivating content, you either A) had some down time during the work day or B) had a problem you needed a solution to so you took to the internet. If it you selected Reason A, I’m going to safely assume that perhaps you were scrolling about a particular social media channel and happened upon a post/tweet/pin that lead you here (where you’re now wondering: How much longer do I need to read this?). If you selected Reason B, my guess is you did a Google search (because let’s be honest, who’s using another search engine?) and now you’re here, questioning this post as much as Mr. Reason A over there. I promise it’s worth it and implore you to give me the benefit of the doubt, because I will be getting to a point shortly. Despite the fact that there are about four years’ worth of articles here on the Action Insights blog, consider this the first post. I do strongly encourage everyone reading to go back and search through the archives since there is a serious wealth of information to be discovered, but this post is about what you’re going to be able to find here from now on. Quickly, let’s get the brief introductions out of the way.

Who is Action Graphics?

In short, we’re a leading marketing solutions company whose mission is to help increase the value of its clients’ communications. If you’ve opened up a few other tabs from our page or peeked at the archives, you’ll also see that we’ve got a full service print shop under our roof as well. The really special thing about Action is that we work with some of the most unique groups around—like non-profit organizations and schools—but we also work with large and small businesses. We’re all about helping to educate our audience so that they can do their jobs even better.

And you are?

+ Employees of non-profit organizations, probably in development or communications

+ B2B or B2C marketers creeping the internet for EXCELLENT content to help with your own work

+ An enrollment or advancement officer of an independent school

+ A past or current Action client back for some more

+ A curious but confused bystander who’s either going to subscribe or is two seconds away from closing this tab (but still, you shouldn’t!)

What to expect when you’re expecting (information!)

Our future posts won’t only be useful to people from the aforementioned categories groups, because overall we’re going to be generating content about effective communications for myriad types of businesses and even some fun facts and tricks related to printing—because every business as some point needs something printed. Action Insights truly exists to provide information that lies somewhere in the sweet spot between traditional marketing and the new wave of ever-changing social platforms everyone’s chattering on and about. In anticipation of our participation in Fundraising Day New York, this month is going to be all about fundraising: communications, platforms, problems, and solutions. We’ll have new posts on Wednesdays, and will be sharing content from other sources on Fridays via Twitter so be sure to follow us @AGNJ. Expect a smattering of other fun stuff to help you through the work week so stay connected by following us on these networks:

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See you Wednesday!

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