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You know it takes a lot of planning and preparation to host a successful fundraiser. But too many nonprofit professionals don’t put as much thought into their event-related communications as they do to the event itself.

And they’re missing out on fundraising revenue that can be used to further their goals and make the world a better place!

Since the pandemic began, we, as fundraisers, learned a lot about how providing options for donors helps them have the best event experience. And you need to take steps to make your event outreach feel as special as the big day!

So, how can you build an event outreach strategy that rises above the noise and engages attendees in the days, weeks, and months after your fundraiser? 

Well, this eBook has the answers you’re looking for!

After all, connecting with supporters and keeping them excited is the secret to securing support. But you can also create separate messages for non-attendees to let them know what they missed and what they can do to support your mission.

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