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Your inbox is a noisy place. And nonprofits raise an average of just $17 for every 1,000 fundraising emails they send, according to Nonprofits Source. We don’t think that’s good enough!

Digital strategies are at the forefront of every modern fundraising strategy. And nonprofit professionals are always looking for ways to improve email open and click-through rates. But those opens and clicks don’t mean anything if the rest of your email doesn’t inspire your audience to follow through with a donation.

In this eBook, we will explore how you can build emails that help your message rise above the noise and inspire action from your audience. And yes, we will share some ways you can optimize delivery to make the most of your outreach!

This eBook will teach you:

⦁ How to tell a compelling story in your email outreach.

⦁ How to get donors to follow through on your CTA.

⦁ How to craft a stand-out subject line.

⦁ How to use your data to optimize delivery.

⦁ And more!