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It’s no secret. Long-term, repeat donors are more valuable for your nonprofit than a one-time donor. But everyone needs to start somewhere. So how do you get more of your first-time supporters to stick around after their first gift?

We find many nonprofits are making the same mistakes when it comes to donor retention. So, we’ll get started by exploring some of the common reasons nonprofits are struggling to retain donors.

But you’re unlikely to see a second donation if you don’t make a good impression after a donor’s first gift! This eBook will teach you how to secure a second gift from a new donor in a timely manner.

However, even the most enthusiastic donors won’t continue to support an organization that doesn’t value their contributions! And that’s why we’ll share some specific ways you can help donors understand how they’ve made an impact on a cause they care about by supporting your organization. 

The truth is, almost every nonprofit can think differently about the strategies they use to retain donors. This eBook is intended to give you some ideas to get your donors to stick around and support you, year after year!