Color Your World!

Jun 15, 2016

When we think about color in print marketing and direct mail, we think about stunning images and eye-catching graphics. But what about color in the messaging itself? Here are some highly effective and often overlooked ways that color can be used, not just in your images, but in your messaging, too.

Study after study shows that when messages and images are in color, recall is increased. Color increases recall in the 80% range, and people are about 40% more likely to select or read materials when they are in color.

Here are some additional benefits of color:

Avoid Searching for Answers and Making Errors

Using color, particularly on transactional documents, helps readers find information more easily. This is great for policies, contracts, invoices for membership dues or renewals, or other lengthy documents. For solicitation letters, consider using a different color for text or highlighting copy that boasts a bold statement and draws attention to your cause. Highlighting instructions or account details draws attention to such critical information and helps people get it right the first time.

Shorten the Billing and Payment Cycle

For commercial businesses, try highlighting the amount owed and the due date with color and watch your invoices get paid faster. Using color for these purposes can establish a sense of urgency and acts like a mental sticky note, which leads to our next point.

Help Readers Retain Information

Strategic use of color increases the ability of readers to understand and retain information. Try adding colored text and backgrounds to your next sales presentation, research report, magazine or educational brochure. Think about magazines or digital blog posts that utilize bold color text or shapes behind blocks of type to make important statistics or quotes stand out and enhance the article. During the design phase, consider what portion of writing will help the reader better understand what they’re reading or to frame the central focus of the piece.

The Wrap Up

Color matters, and not just in your graphics. When people think about color, they immediately think about images. But more recently, marketers are considering the value of color in their text and other messaging areas. These tactics can make typically boring parts of your print stand out, help to evoke your brand’s personality, and can be applied in digital spaces to create a more engaging experience.

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