Is Direct Mail Still Worth It?

May 4, 2016

It would be great to skip the preamble and just say “yes,” but this argument requires a slight explanation considering how many e-communication devotees are out there today. The funny thing about digital-only fanatics is that at one point, direct mail and other traditional forms of communication were considered the Gold Standard. The increasingly high demands of customers (perpetuated by the over-abundance of digital marketing) are making companies and marketers step their game up. We’re expected to know who we’re talking to, how they want to be contacted, and what they want to be contacted about. What does this mean for businesses? Direct mail is still very much a necessity because what really cuts the traffic today is a multi-channel approach. In fact, a recent Brand Science Study showed a 62% lift for digital campaigns that include direct mail.

Print and direct mail can help tackle inbox overload, add a personal touch, increase trust, and offer a more enhanced experience. Let’s look at how some savvy marketers are making their print contacts even more powerful with direct mail:

Put the focus on recent customers

Why? These people already like your products and have an existing relationship with your brand. To retain their loyalty, you might just need to send a simple reminder like a highly designed postcard or something that reminds them of your brand without being sales-y. The constant reminder will nudge them into action and keep you top of mind. Marketing on a budget? This is a perfect approach since you don’t have to try and hit everyone.

Know your highly engaged audience

If you’re looking for a higher return on your marketing investment, pay close attention to your customers (or donors) with the biggest profit margins. These are the people who buy or make donations the most frequently or at a higher volume. If you’re looking to acquire new audience members, put a little time into targeting prospects who fit the same profile. The goal is to invest in contacting the “right” people, so don’t just spray and pray.

Give them what they want

Relevant communications are crucial to meaningful engagement. Do you know what your customers are struggling with? Can you figure out what they’re up all night looking for? All buyers are not the same, neither are their motivations. Use this process to get to know your customers and engage in a more sincere dialog about what they want and why.

The Wrap Up

The future is now and whether or not anyone wants to fully admit it, direct mail is still very much worth it. The marketing landscape is no longer operating within an all the eggs in one basket kind of culture. Instead, marketers are focused on getting the right message in front of the right people using tangible, confidence-building channels like print and mail to their maximum advantages. Integrate these mediums into your email and web campaigns for a more well-rounded communications strategy.

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