Last Minute #GivingTuesday Tactics

Nov 18, 2015

Let this sink in: Thanksgiving is next week. And after a deliciously long weekend #GivingTuesday will finally arrive. If you haven’t started planning for the world’s only official day of giving, don’t throw in the towel just yet. In the spirit of season, we’re here to help with a short and sweet post that’ll provide a few ways you can still make the most out of #GivingTuesday at this late date.

Time to kick things off

#GivingTuesday falls on the first of the month this year, which presents a unique opportunity to use this momentous social event to kick off a heavy push for end of the year giving. December 31st will only be 30 days from #GT, so remind people of the small window to have those gifts count toward their 2015 deductions.

Chances are you have a year-end appeal under way, but even if you don’t use this time wisely by scheduling emails and social media posts strategically over the following few weeks communicating the urgency of giving at this time of the year. Remember, stick to your story and demonstrate impact both verbally and in pictures. The biggest mistake any fundraising organization can make is having a disjointed message and an erratic communication schedule. Be personal and make consistency your mantra for the month.


Challenging your constituents can be a great way to reel in donations. A match-challenge, particularly one happening on a specific day, can encourage people to give because their gift might be double (or even triple) what they’re actually able to give. A match is an excellent way to engage all members of your donor base because it makes use of everyone’s giving potential.

Finding a major donor who is willing to participate at the last minute might be difficult, so try reaching out to your top 5 donors and ask for a smaller amount. You can also set limits by matching donations dollar for dollar up to a certain amount. Or, use that generous match as your secret weapon. During the last few hours of Giving Tuesday (or pick a specific time frame during the day), pull out that match and promote that all gifts made during this time will be matched.

Amplify Your Message

Reach out to your most active and engaged “fans” on social media and ask them to be social ambassadors. Social ambassadors are essentially ideal members of your target audience that partner with your organization to publish content on behalf of your organization and promote your cause via social media. Social ambassadors can help you gain access to others who are likely to fit the same profile and massage relationships with these individuals, converting them to active participants (like volunteers or donors). What organizations stand to gain from developing their ambassadors is influence and manpower. These programs can help to extend the reach of your messages by leveraging the networks of those who hold the title.

Ambassadors are especially useful in instances when an organization’s time and personnel are limited. In addition to audience development, social ambassadors can help nonprofits with capacity building as well as reaching revenue goals during fundraising time. Use social listening tactics to identify potential ambassadors for your organization. Reward systems should be put into place to make sure participation is mutually beneficial. Set guidelines or create a social media policy to make sure anyone posting as or on behalf of the organization has boundaries. Plus, working remotely is a great perk.

The best part? You can potentially gain direct access to your ambassadors’ networks. As we’ve said before, the first step to getting donations is establishing trust. By working with people who already have well-formed relationships, you’re bettering your chances.

The Wrap Up

We’re advocates of advanced preparation and making the time to develop strong communication plans, but with time and staff resources being limited for so many nonprofits we recognize that that’s not always an option. Hopefully this article and others on our blog can help you make the most of #GivingTuesday 2015. The most important thing with this particular event is to have fun. Make sure that your “Why Donate” and donation pages are set up and telling the same stories then go out and do your thing. We’ll see you out there!

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