Repetition Wins the Race

Jan 15, 2013

Brand recognition is of paramount importance when building relationships with your clients. Repetitively viewing your company’s name will allow your company to subconsciously be included into your clients buying strategy. According to marketing consulting firm The Business World, it is better to mail twelve times to the same 2,000 qualified prospects than once or twice to 20,000 or 25,000 prospects. This more selective advertising not only saves extraneous effort, time, and money, it ultimately increases profits significantly.

Repetition is fundamental to the success of any advertising program. The marketplace proves out this fact, as does scientific research. Several years ago a group of researchers at Harvard University were asked, “How many times must a prospect see a marketing message to take them from a state of total apathy to purchasing readiness?” After a year-long study the researchers responded with a definitive answer: nine times. It is only through repetition that people begin to recognize your brand and become more ready to purchase your product.

Every day, millions of people worldwide receive dozens of commercial e-mails, known popularly as “spam”, and many also receive unwanted or intrusive advertising as “junk mail”. It is only through repetition and brand recognition that these people see your brand and realize that it is not simply another unsolicited mailing but a meaningful communication. By tracking several campaigns over the past few months, AdKnowledge discovered that, within 90 days of a mailing, 48.6 percent of the sales leads that were generated came from this mailing. After sending the same advertisement out again, they found that 56.3 percent of sales leads came from that mailing. By the fifth mailing, over 80 percent of sales leads were coming from the repetitive advertisement.

Recirculation explains why repetition affects memory. Being memorable starts with repetition. Just as in advertising, repetition builds reputation. Long-time clients are looking for your commitment or whether you’re just passing through. If you want consumers to remember your company, you must repetitively be in contact with both your current and prospective customers. Conveying knowledge about products

and services will help you win a customer’s trust and confidence. Repetitive contact promotes good feelings and makes the consumer subconsciously desire to do business with your company.

While many companies readily understand the value of short-term advertising—generating new sales, generating repeat business from existing customers, and generating new leads that turn into future sales—it can be more difficult to comprehend the long-term value. Think of a snow ball rolling down a mountain. It grows larger

and gains intensity. Consistent advertising has a similar, cumulative effect. The more familiar buyers are with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase your product.

Once you have created a relationship with your customer, it is then that you must get them to want to do business with your company again. Repeat business also has a lot to do with building customer trust. You want customers to view your company as

the ultimate source for your set of products or services. That means having the best presentation, product, cost/value relationship, and customer service within your field. It also means reaching out to customers with special offers, targeted mailings, continuity programs and appreciation letters that instill loyalty. Loyalty means repeat business.

In conclusion, when it comes to promoting your company, repetition wins the race. 

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