How to promote monthly giving on GivingTuesday.

Oct 27, 2022

We get it. If you’re like other fundraisers, GivingTuesday can be overwhelming! November 29 is coming up fast, and it won’t be easy to stand out. But promoting monthly giving options on GivingTuesday is a great way to do something different and secure additional support.

Think about the messages donors typically receive on GivingTuesday.

Many organizations will warm up their audience for their year-end appeal by encouraging donors who haven’t given this year to make an impact before it’s too late. Others focus on thanking donors for their past gifts rather than making another ask.

But not many think to use this day of giving primarily to promote monthly giving options. So, this is a great way you can rise above the noise!

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You need your data.

It’s shouldn’t be a surprise that you will need accurate donor data to make the most of this strategy. After all, you know a well-organized data base is the key to being more personal and relevant in all your communications.

And as in many cases, we’ll use donor data you already have available! Hopefully, you’ve been maintaining good data hygiene. Otherwise, you’ll have a little more work cut out for you to get organized.

There are two key data points, aside from the dollar value of prior gifts, you will need to promote monthly giving options this GivingTuesday.

  • Is a given donor enrolled in monthly giving?
  • If no, how many times a year do they give?

If possible, see if you can apply these parameters to your entire donor base. A well-organized data base will make your job much easier. And you’re halfway there if you already have an audience segment for current monthly donors!

You will then use these data points to shape your message and guide your outreach strategy.

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Ask current monthly donors if they will consider making a 13th donation this year on GivingTuesday.

For current monthly donors.

First, let’s talk about supporters who are already enrolled in your monthly giving program. These individuals already believe in your mission and are taking an active role in bringing it to life with their continued support.

You already know about all the benefits monthly giving brings to your organization and how valuable recurring gifts are.

So, make sure your current monthly donors do as well. It’s important to let them know how grateful you are for their ongoing support.

So, reach out to thank current monthly donors this GivingTuesday with a special message. Tell them how their monthly donations sustain your organization’s activities year-round. And thank them for helping provide stability for those you serve and consistency in your programs and activities.

What comes next depends on your organization, your audience, and your relationships with them.

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You can choose to stop short of making another ask. This allows you to focus on thanking current monthly donors and building relationships rather than securing a few more dollars. It also helps warm them up to the idea of making another donation when they receive your upcoming year-end appeal.

Or you can ask your current monthly donors if they can provide additional support this GivingTuesday. We recommend framing this as a monthly donor’s 13th gift of the year. Asking for the same value as their usual monthly gift helps make the decision easier for your audience.

Think in the donor’s shoes. One more $20 donation seems like a no brainer if you’ve already done it 12 other times in a year. That is, of course, if donors understand and feel appreciated for their past impact!

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Anyone who typically gives more than once a year is a prime prospect for your monthly giving program.

For prospective monthly donors.  

If your GivingTuesday strategy will focus on promoting monthly giving, we recommend considering anyone not currently enrolled in your recurring giving program as a prospective monthly donor.

However, you can be pickier if you already have robust donor data or an audience segment of qualified monthly giving prospects. You’ll want to pay special attention to anyone who already makes more than one gift a year on their own and donors who give under $200.

But ultimately, we find it’s more the merrier when determining how to promote monthly giving. After all, the whole point of these programs is to lessen the burden of giving while maximizing the impact a donor can have. So, who wouldn’t be a good fit?

You will want to outline these benefits for prospective monthly donors. Take the language you are using to thank current recurring donors about sustaining your initiatives and impact and reframe it for your prospects.

For example, “your monthly donations provide stability for those we serve during these uncertain times,” can become “By making your first monthly gift, you will provide stability for those we serve during these uncertain times.”

The goal is to make sure donors understand the benefits of monthly giving for your nonprofit and themselves. So, show your supporters committing to a monthly gift is the best way for them to make an impact this GivingTuesday.

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Supressing new monthly donors from your year-end appeal shows you care about more than what they can donate.

What about your next appeal?

We all know nonprofits send their year-end appeals shortly after GivingTuesday. And it’s not uncommon for donors to sit out on GivingTuesday because they plan to make their usual annual gift in December anyway.

So, what’s a fundraising professional to do? Well, here’s what we recommend!

Let your donors who engage with your GivingTuesday messages know you value their time, effort, and money while you promote monthly giving options by suppressing certain recipients from your year-end mailing.

We know, it seems counterintuitive to not send a year-end appeal. But when done correctly, it’s actually a great way to show how thankful you are for someone’s support.

So, if your GivingTuesday outreach inspires a donor to enroll in monthly giving, or a current monthly donor takes you up on that 13th gift this year, offer to suppress them from your year-end mailings when you reach out to say thank you.

This shows donors you’re really paying attention to how they engage with and support your work. And it proves that you value them for more than just the money they give.

As you know, time is money. And a donor’s inbox is a noisy place at the year-end. So do these loyal supporters, who have already made a huge impact this year, a favor. Give them one less thing to worry about before December 31.

And then reach out to thank them again when their first monthly gift of the new year is processed!

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