Three tips for a successful spring fundraising appeal.

Feb 8, 2024

Making an ask isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re working as a small team. But an effective spring fundraising appeal is a great way to get ahead and crush your goals this year.

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We get it – making the ask can be as tricky as finding the chocolate you like in a heart-shaped box.

So, we’ve got some tips you’ll love if you feel like you’re the only one focused on advancing your organization’s fundraising. Because no one should feel lonely at this time of year!

Don't wait! Now is the time to think ahead and build your spring fundraising strategy.

Before you ask.

Nobody really likes that friend you only hear from when they need something. And donors feel the same way about nonprofits that do nothing but ask for support.

So, make sure you reach out ahead of your spring appeal and let donors know what you’re up to and how their last gift is making a difference.

Your data can tell you when they last donated and how much they gave. So, use this when you reach out to keep communications on a one-to-one level.

This is especially important for those who just gave generously to your year-end appeal. Remind them they’re not just supporters. They’re the unsung heroes in your story.

Major donors should receive a phone call in addition to your other communications.

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Share the impact of your year-end donations to help warm up donors before making another ask.

A strategic sequence.

You can plan a series of short emails and social media posts to go surround sound and maximize engagement. Start by writing down some of the most common reasons your donors give.

Once you have three of the best ones, you can draft three emails each sharing one of the reasons to help warm donors up for your spring fundraising appeal.

And then repurpose each into a social media ad so you can reach new audiences and encourage them to sign up for your mailing list. Once they’re in the door, you can send them your appeal and secure new first-time donors!

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Spring appeals need to be short, sweet, and seductive to be successful.

Keep it simple.

Spring will be in the air before you know it. And with summer plans and vacations on the horizon, your supporters won’t have time to read a novel. They just want the highlights.

You’ll need to super-focus your narrative on what your supporters have made possible with their donations. And spread your touchpoints over a few weeks to get maximum engagement on your spring fundraising appeal.

Keep messages in different mediums visually consistent. Images and graphics should help paint a clear pathway to your donation page.

And of course, keep your subject line in emails short (60 characters), sweet, and seductive 😉

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Achieving more with less.

There are probably times you feel a little unloved as a member of a small development team.

Maybe you’ve been pleading to your executives and board for more support or resources that you know could help your nonprofit raise and achieve more?

We feel your pain. And we wish we could do more to help amplifi your fundraising outreach.

But for now, apply these quick tips to your spring fundraising appeal so you can raise more and make the case for what could be possible by investing in your team or the right strategic partner.

And if you’re thinking about the latter, this eBook can show you what’s possible.

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