USPS Announces New Price Increases

Jan 18, 2011

In an effort to continue to close their budget gap, the United States Postal Service has announced price increases that will go into affect on April 17. Although it has been nearly two years since the last postal rate increase, the first class rate of 44 cents will remain unchanged. Every additional ounce will be increased to 20 cents each. The following is a breakdown of postal rate increases by percentage:

First Class Mail:
Single-piece letters and cards – 0.5%
Flats – 5.3%
Parcels – 3.8%
Presort Letters & Cards – 1.8%
International – 4 %

Standard Mail:
Letters – 1.8%
Flats – 0.8%
Carrier Route Letters, Flats, and Parcels – 1.4%
High Density/ Saturation Letters – 0.6%
High Density/ Saturation Flats and Parcels – 0.4%
Parcels (NFM’s/ Parcels) – 11.3%

Outside County – 1.8%
Inside County – 1.1%

Action Graphics continues to strive to consult with our clients to find ways to reduce their costs and increase the value and return they receive off their direct mail. Give us a call today to see how the postage increases will specifically affect your campaigns and to discuss ways to increase the value of your direct mail projects.

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