How personalized landing pages can elevate your outreach.

Sep 1, 2022

Nonprofit organizations are always looking to get ahead on the latest fundraising technologies and trends. And personalized landing pages, or PURLs, have been around for a few years.

But many nonprofits are still not using them to their advantage!

Instead of asking donors to go online to, you can present them with a PURL featuring their name, like 

Personalized landing pages make donating feel as unique and relevant as the other elements of your outreach. When someone lands on the page, you can greet them by name and refer to specific programs they’ve supported in the past.

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But PURLs don’t just benefit your donors. They’re also an easy way to track exactly how much of your online fundraising is driven by your direct mail efforts.

And you will get a better feel for which donors prefer giving in response to your direct mail pieces and which can be moved to a digital-first approach.

Are you curious about how your nonprofit can use personalized landing pages to take your fundraising to the next level? Then read on!

Customize the content on personalized landing pages based on your organization's current relationship with a given supporter.

Snail mail won’t fail.

Direct mail is still a huge piece of the puzzle. And it’s a great way to get started with PURLs.

So, print personalized URLs on your direct mail materials, like reply cards or appeal letters, to lead supporters to personalized landing pages that feature the recipient’s name and other relevant information.

This brings the proven tactic of personalization into your digital elements and provides a unique experience for the recipient.

Content can be tailored for specific segments of your audience. Or you can refer to specific programs a visitor has supported and mention previous gifts to help connect the dots.

When donors and prospects feel they’re being addressed directly, organizations can have the kind of one-on-one conversation that leads to deeper engagement and eventually a donation.

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Educate and inspire.

Personalized landing pages can function a lot like versioned print materials. For instance, your prospects and existing donors should receive very different messages.

And varying language for different audience segments can help maintain that personal feeling in a conversation. And it allows fundraisers to focus on the desired goal.

So, use these pages to get prospective donors caught up to speed! An existing donor already knows a lot about your nonprofit. However, prospects might find some information about your organization and goals helpful.

Dynamic, personalized campaign landing pages can be versioned so specific segments see stories and narratives that speak to who they are in relation to your organization.

And that’s the key to building more relevant communications!

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Personalized landing pages allow you to be more targeted with your asks.

Leverage loyalty.

The combination of PURLs and dynamic web pages, particularly donation pages, allow you to create a customized experience for each donor.

You can adjust your messaging to reflect a recent gift or the magnitude of their past giving to help cultivate a sense of loyalty.

But you can also vary your ask string to better connect with specific groups of donors!

For example, new or younger donors will see a lower level ask string. But major donors will be prompted to give at a much higher level.

This strategy can help you analyze donor engagement levels as you build relationships.

So, use this information to adjust your future fundraising and stewardship outreach strategies accordingly.

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Personalized landing pages allow you to be more targeted with your asks.

The power of PURLs.

Taking the time and effort to be more personal will help you in all aspects of fundraising. And implementing personalization strategies into every element of your fundraising communications will help you to develop stronger relationships with your donors.

As you know, deeper personalization helps forge partnerships instead of creating purely transactional engagements for your donors.

It’s important to speak with donors on a one-to-one level, or as close to it as possible.

So, consider how your organization can start using personalized landing pages to make your communications stand out and feel more relevant.

And if you’re not sure how to get started, we’d be happy to take a few minutes to talk you through it!

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FREE eBook: The building blocks of engaging fundraising communications.