USPS Picture Permit Indicia

Jun 26, 2012

In an effort to allow your mail to be even more marketable, the USPS recently announced a new formal picture permit indicia program.  This new program allows the mailer to send out mail with a company’s logo, photos, other branded images or graphics as part of the mailing indicia.  This allows greater marketability and brand awareness in what used to be “empty” real estate – former rules required a clearance zone around the indicia not allowing images to interact in that area.

This is great news for marketers who are always looking at ways to boost open rates and bring greater awareness to their cause.  Nevertheless, before you jump in with two feet there are some very important requirements you must be aware of.

+ It must be a business-themed image – i.e. corporate logo, photos or graphics relating to the business, brand images, etc.
+ The image must be in color and the indicia type must be in black and white
+ This is currently only available for First Class and Standard Rate cards and letters (not flats or other classes of mail).
+ There is a mandatory approval in both design and sampling by the USPS before dropping.  Original design approval is required by pdf followed by 500 hard samples for approval.  The physical sample approval takes approximately 45 days.
+ Increased fee – obviously, the Post Office is looking to monetarily capitalize on this insisting on a 1 cent fee per piece on First Class mail and 2 cent fee per piece on Standard mail.

Overall, this is a good first step for the Post Office to come up with new ideas and help marketers constantly expand their toolbox.  If you are thinking of using this new campaign, please make sure to plan accordingly in regards to both time and increased costs as the requirements don’t necessarily lend itself to smaller, time-sensitive, and cost-cutting projects.

The USPS has provided a free picture permit imprint template to show all the required spacing as well as an overall fact sheet about the program.

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