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The Nonprofit’s Guide to Personalized Content

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Personalized Content

So, you already have a grasp on why personalized content is much for effective in fundraising than a mass appeal strategy. If you haven’t or are not sold on personalization, see our previous blog post. In the second post of our series on the power of personalized content, we are going to explore some more specific strategies for personalized content, including what materials can be individualized and how to implement individualized messaging into all your fundraising materials.

Personalization Creates 30% Lift

Looking for proof that personalization works? Consider the case of one historical museum that used personalization to create a lift in donations of 30% For the past decade, the museum had been using direct mail as its primary way to solicit donations. After years of...

One-to-One Printing is Green!

Did you know that one-to-one (1:1) printing is another way to “green” your print marketing? By using one-to-one printing in combination with targeting and database cleansing, you reduce the volume of pages printed and, consequently, your impact on the environment....

Preventing Customer Attrition

When we think about personalized, data-driven communications, we often think about boosting sales. Why not? It’s a highly effective use for 1:1 (personalized) printing. But there are many other uses of 1:1 printing that can boost your bottom line, too. Are you taking...